Winning Against a Dominant Player in a Competitive Market


New England Honda Dealers (Tier 2)


Torrance, CA




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New England Honda Dealers partnered with Norbella to significantly grow sales and market share where the largest player, Toyota, spends 5x more on marketing and has a history of being the #1 choice of auto buyers.


Norbella was able to take a clean sheet approach to the challenges faced by Honda and developed a breakthrough, retail-minded strategy that changed the dynamics of a mature market. 

Auto dealers exist at the nexus of cooperation and competition, helping build the larger manufacturer brand while attempting to win customers when they are ready to purchase. 

Norbella built media tactics that leveraged geodata and audience demographics for targeting, as well as implemented a full customer journey approach to help move the auto buyer through the funnel.

A mix of digital, linear, and offline tactics helped drive customers to the website and then into the dealership. This was combined with competitive conquesting against Toyota and Subaru to impact brand awareness and preference. 




New England Honda Dealers (Tier 2)


• Pre-COVID, the New England Honda Dealers beat YOY numbers 11 out of 15 times which was a dramatic reversal 

• Market share in 2019 shot up +2.76 while Toyota and Subaru were both negative 

• 110% increase in direct traffic to the website and a 73% increase in organic traffic to website

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